J-Max Logistics provides third party logistics (3PL) services to businesses and clients throughout the country to meet the demands of customer needs. Whether identifying bottlenecks within your supply chain or streamlining business processes our team is able to achieve this purpose through the use of top of the line technology and information systems also with the integrity of our dedicated staff which shares a combined 50+ years experience in the industry.


As a team, the J-Max Enterprise has a shared goal to provide superior transportation and logistical solutions. You, the customer are the most important asset to our dedicated staff. Our commitment to serving your organization is at the heart of everything we do.

All of our customer relationships are built on ethical practices, trust, honesty and open lines of communication. We not only value and recognize the importance of our relationships with our customers, we also understand the imperative importance of how we represent your organization during the delivery of good and products to your partners as well.


Jeweral Washington founded J-Max Transportation Services in 2001. With over 30 years experience in the transportation industry along with a determined entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Washington’s dream of owning his own trucking company materialized. Understanding the demands within the transportation industry, in 2004, Mr. Washington began J-Max Logistics with the goal to offer great services on the strength of partnering with carriers to handle the haul. Both J-Max Transportation and J-Max Logistics continue to have success working together offering exceptional transportation solutions for our customers.